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Sun39s smallest digital logic valve targets mobile apps
<p>Sun&#39;s smallest digital logic valve targets mobile apps. </p>

New Line of Solenoid Valves Outperforms Previous Models

With an eye for directional control, pressure control, and flow control in space-saving mobile applications, Sun Hydraulics released its first generation of solenoid-operated digital logic valves in the DLV family. The DLVB two-way directional spool valves offer a response time of 10 ms, quickly transitioning between on and off states with minimal leakage. This is twice as fast as Sun's DAAA solenoid-operated directional spool valves, and four times faster than the DAAL.

The DLVB digital logic valve has a pressure rating of 5000 psi at 0.25 gpm. It comes in a small package measuring 2.2-in. high and weighing a mere 2 oz. Equipped with a micro-solenoid and top-mounted M12 connector, it can be used to drive down the size of assemblies. 

Sun also highlights the new product's low power rating. Optimized magnetics and use of a micro-solenoid means the DLV coil draws only 2 W hold (typical) and 15 W peak (typical) —up to a 90% power savings over the standard DAAL with a 22-W coil.  That means the DLV offers higher performance with a lower current draw and lower heat generation.”

The product launch also includes four versions with 12- or 24-Vdc coils in normally-open or normally-closed configurations. More product specifications and related information can be found on the DLVB product page, and in the parameter chart below. 

Courtesy of Sun Hydraulics

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