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Continuous miner

Mobile-Hydraulic Valve Offers Complete Motor Control

Webtec, with U.S. headquarters in Milwaukee, recently unveiled the CV120 series combination valve for controlling hydraulic motors in mobile machinery. The compact valve reduces both space and pressure drop in machinery used for mining, quarrying, construction, and agriculture without compromising performance. Furthermore, costs associated with the additional components needed with conventional valves can be reduced because fewer hoses and fittings are required with the CV120.

This CV120 combines a variable-priority flow divider with a directional-control valve in one body. Among the many stand-out features is a clearly marked single-turn hand dial that permits fast visual adjustments to the pre-determined priority flow. Operation is also pressure compensated, permitting both priority and bypass to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting priority flow.

Space is always at a premium for underground mining equipment, such as this remote-controlled continuous miner. Therefore, Webtec’s compact CV120 combination motor-control valve should prove useful not only in mining equipment, but in any mobile hydraulic equipment where compact design and simple installation are important.

The new valve is based on the design and components from the company’s established VFD120 series. This result is consistent flow output independent of load pressure. The directional control element uses a hardened alloy-steel spool that can be supplied in double-acting or motor types, with three-position spring-centered or detent control. Another useful feature is a full-flow, pilot-operated relief valve to protect both the A and B regulated ports.

The valve has two pump inlets and two tank outlets that allow the plumbing to be connected from either the side or top of the valve, thus simplifying installation. Multiple valves can be used in series by using a high-pressure carry-over (HPCO) coupling and standard fittings. If a HPCO coupling is installed for supplying downstream valves, a second pressure relief valve is required to control the pressure exiting the HPCO. In such instances, the two relief valves work independently of each other.

Not only is Webtec’s new CV120 valve compact, but its multi-functional operation also requires fewer hoses and fittings, so it can reduce installation costs.

Maximum operating pressure of the CV120 is rated 250 bar (3,600 psi) and a total flow capacity of 120 lpm (32 gpm). Regulated flow capacity is rated 0 to 95 lpm (0 to 25 gpm) with port sizes of ¾-in. BSPP or 11/16-in.-12UN SAE ORB, with other sizes available on special orders.

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