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The CLS 180

Mobile Hydraulic Sectional Valve Features Load Sensing

The CLS 180 load-sensing sectional valve for mobile equipment applications is a post-compensated valve with a modular design for versatility. Valve banks can have up to 10 sections and several different spool types and actuation options. Mid-inlets, custom inlet manifolds, and transition plates add to flexibility in meeting specific requirements of machines. Load sense bleed-off terminates continuous bleed-off to reduce energy loss and increase responsiveness. Sectional load-sense relief limits pressure at the work ports without absorbing the full flow, improving dynamic response and maintaining high efficiency. Inlet pressure is rated to 350 bar (5,080 psi), with inlet flow rated to 220 lpm (58.1 gpm) and post-compensated workport flow rated to 180 lpm (47.6 gpm) at 17 bar differential pressure.

Eaton Corp. 

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