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Series 30 servovalve

Micro-Sized Servovalve for Heavyweight Performance

Series 30 servovalve is designed for applications in the oil and gas industry, including remotely operated vehicles, mobile robotics, and autonomous vehicles. Designed with a lightweight, micro envelope, it is ruggedized to deliver precise control for a manipulator arm or a downhole tool using hydraulic actuation. Flow is rated 0.47 to 6.9 l/min (0.125 to 1.85 gpm) with a step response of 2.5 msec at 210 bar (3,000 psi). It ensures accurate pressure control in high performance systems and applications, and weighs only 6.5 oz (measuring 1.6 by 1.3 by 1.5 in.) The valve has a power density equivalent to 6 hp.

Moog Inc.

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