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Quick Design Circuit Example

Manifold Design Platform Features Drag-and-Drop Schematic Creation Tool

QuickDesign with SmartConnect is an online tool from Sun Hydraulics features an intuitive, user-friendly interface aimed at making it easy to design hydraulic integrated circuits.

Sun Hydraulics Corp., Sarasota, Fla., launched a major upgrade to QuickDesign, its automated hydraulic manifold design tool. The entire online platform now features a more intuitive, user-friendly interface aimed at making it easier to design hydraulic integrated circuits while helping users stay organized and keeping track of projects. Because it is web-based, there is no need to download the program or its updates.

The most significant part of the upgrade is the addition of SmartConnect, an intelligent online schematic design tool. The SmartConnect tool simplifies creation of schematics by replacing hand-drawn graphics as the easiest way to capture a circuit concept and move the user closer to a finished solution. Users can now create a schematic in minutes instead of hours. Once they’re satisfied with the design, they can submit it and get a finished package design in as little as 10 minutes, including all the documents needed. The browser-based QuickDesign with SmartConnect is free to those who register for it.

How It Works

Once registered, the QuickDesign user can start a new project and use SmartConnect schematic tool to:

Choose Sun cartridge valves and drag and drop them into the schematic.
Add any needed Sun and other industry-common empty cavities.
Drop in ports and interface patterns.
Draw the connections.

The software automatically compiles all the data required to generate a three-axis manifold design solution and sends it to the QuickDesign automated design engine. All the design intelligence needed to create an efficient, effective manifold design is in the program, giving the user the tools needed to turn ideas into solutions.

When the process is complete, the user gets all the outputs needed to build the complete package or to order it from Sun Hydraulics. Once the design is processed, users can immediately get a quote from their local Sun distributor.  Sun can offer standard two-week turnaround for new QuickDesign packages, and expedited service is also available. Or, with drawings in hand, the user can manufacture the manifold on their own and order the cartridge valves from the distributor.

For more information, including a short video summarizing the features and benefits of QuickDesign with SmartConnect, click here.

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