Hydraulics enhance excavator control

Electrohydraulics improve operation of excavators and other mobile equipment with simpler, yet more versatile controls. Komatsu America International Co., Vernon Hills, Ill., adds energy efficiency to these benefits with their HydrauMind system.


Komatsu’s HydrauMind system improves excavator performance by making operation simpler, more versatile, and more productive.

HydrauMind enhances operation through simple electronic controls with sensitivity that can be adjusted to match work conditions. For example, when delicate control is needed when working close to obstacles, controls can be set for low response for the most precise position control. Conversely, controls can be set for maximum response to achieve high-speed motion when working in open work areas.


Energy efficiency comes from HydrauMind's pressure-compensation and load-sensing valves. Five working modes match engine speed and pump output to load conditions based on the positions of operator controls. With load sensing, HydrauMind automatically matches pump output to work conditions. Unlike open-center hydraulic systems used in other machines, HydrauMind's closed-center system ensures that actuator speed is controlled solely by valve spool position — even when loads change or multiple actuators move simultaneously. This means that less power will be used to move a lighter load — such as a bucket full of low-density soil — and heavy loads are just as maneuverable as lighter loads.

TAGS: Construction
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