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Electrohydraulic Proportional Valve Tolerates Heavy Shock

Series TEB proportional valves from Atos Spa, Sesto Calende, Italy, use digital control, making them impervious to the EMI and RFI that can plague analog devices. The valve is constructed to withstand shock of up to 50 g.

Sized at 06 and 10 for direct operation and 10, 16, 25, and 32 for pilot operation for pressures to 350 bar (5,080 psig). Features include factory-preset, on-board electronics and control software for setting of scale, bias, linearization and dynamic response. The valve accepts a ±10-V or 4- to 20-mA input signal, works within temperatures from –40° to 60° C (–40° to 140° F), and it meets IP66 and IP67 requirements for water- and dust-tight enclosure.

For more information, view or download a PDF of the datasheet on the product.

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