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The VFD120-E

Electrically Variable Flow Divider

Intended for controlling hydraulic motor and cylinder speed in both mobile and industrial hydraulic applications, the VFD120-E is a variable flow divider controlled by a 12- or 24-V dc motor. It provides constant flow to a primary circuit while still serving a secondary circuit. Flow rate is controlled simply by applying a remote voltage input or by an optional toggle or rocker switch. All electronics are self-contained, so no external control box is needed. The valve’s maximum working pressure is 420 bar (6,100 psi), with a total flow capacity of 120 lpm (31.7 gpm). Pressure compensation allows both priority and bypass to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting the priority flow rate. The IP 66-rated valve is made of steel components in cast ductile iron housing; the drive mechanism is mounted on aluminum plate and mild steel bracket.

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