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Courses in Hydraulics Offered by Experts

Don't miss out on this extensive five-day training program covering multiple topics, courtesy of Hydrotech.

Hydrotech Inc., Cincinnati, will offer an extensive five-day, first-level training program teaching maintenance personnel the principles of industrial hydraulics technology, including basic calculations for fluid pressure, flow, and actuator speed, along withthe practical ideas of force, area, pressure, fluid flow rate, actuator speed (linear, rotary, and rotational), hydraulic power, and hydraulic system heat production. Participants will also learn about the major groups of hydraulic components, including the function and principles of operation of direct-and pilot-operated relief valves, pressure-reducing valves, directional-control valves, fixed- and variable-displacement pumps, and accumulators. Understanding of the basic hydraulic circuits most often used in industrial hydraulic systems is also covered.

A substantial amount of time will be devoted to teaching students how to understand and interpret hydraulic symbols, using handouts of ISO standard symbol diagrams. Lastly, an introduction to the operation and application of electroproportional hydraulic pressure control valves and directional control valves will be covered.

The program consists of 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab exercises to reinforce the students’ understanding of hydraulic valve functions and of the hydraulic circuits.

Advanced Hydraulics Course Offered

Hydrotech will also offer a more-advanced course in hydraulics at its facility later this year. Participants achieve advanced capability with substantial lab exercises. Participants will be presented with a variety of hydraulic valves and will be tasked with evaluating several hydraulic circuits. The instructor will guide them through the process of discovery of valve function and operation to develop an understanding of the purpose and operation of the hydraulic circuit in which the valve is used. The same process of discovery and understanding is applied to pumps, and variable-displacement pump controls, and accumulators. Students will develop hydraulic schematic reading skills.

Topics for the advanced course include:

  • Review of hydraulic principles—pressure, flow, power, throttle valve speed control
  • Five functions using relief valves
  • Relief valve lab exercises to demonstrate proper setup procedures for relief valve applications
  • Using pressure reducing valves as cylinder force and motor torque control
  • Reducing valve lab exercises to demonstrate the proper setup and adjustment with subplate mounted valves and with sandwich style valves
  • Understanding load control with counterbalance valves
  • Using directional-control valves; understanding spool types uses with various circuit functions
  • Understanding pilot-operated directional control valves
  • Evaluating pilot-operated directional control valves model code
  • Lab exercise for pilot-operated directional control valves—disassemble, compare to the model code, assemble, and install into an operating circuit
  • Using pressure regulating variable displacement pumps
  • Understanding remote pressure control with pressure-compensated pumps
  • Understanding load-sensing control with pressure-compensated pumps
  • Using power control with pressure compensated pumps
  • Lab exercises for regulating pump pressure compensation and spike pressure relief
  • Lab exercises for regulating pump pressure through remote pressure control and load-sensing control
  • Understanding the operation and use of bladder-type accumulators
  • Checking and setting accumulator precharge pressure, with lab exercises
  • Understanding and interpreting industrial hydraulic schematics
  • Understanding fluid condition, cleanliness and the maintenance of hydraulic fluid.

Prerequisite: This is a second-level hydraulic training course.  To enroll the potential participant must have completed an approved hydraulic principles course of study.

Three sessions available for the course in 2018: May 7 to 11, June 4 to 8, and August 27 to 32. The level 2 course will be held October 1 to 5. All sessions will be conducted at Hydrotech Inc., 10052 Commerce Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45246. Click here for more information, prices, and registration.

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