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Comatrol releases update to its EasyValve software

Comatrol releases update to its EasyValve software

EasyValve software, which simplifies design of hydraulic integrated circuits and project management, has a free upgrade that increases features and adds information for several products.

Comatrol has released an update to its EasyValve software, which is based on Famic Technologies' Automation Studio software platform. EasyValve takes custom hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) solutions to the next level by providing a streamlined development process from the user to the Comatrol engineer. EasyValve’s intuitive user interface allows you to proficiently create your hydraulic circuit schematic by simply dragging and dropping from Comatrol’s complete digital library of cartridge valves, CETOP valves and accessories.
Capture your technical, commercial and application requirements to accurately document and communicate your custom HIC needs — allowing you to get exactly what you want from the first drawing, reducing the prototype cycle time by as much as half.
Click here to view an article providing details on EasyValve software.
Some of the updates for EasyValve 12.4.08 include:
  • New PDF catalog page files for all solenoid valves
  • Solenoid manual override options added.
  • Chinese language option
  • Product additions include:
    • SV09-23-02
    • SV09-24-01
    • PPR09-POD
    • SV15-22-01
    • SV15-22-02
    • SV15-23-04
    • SV15-24-01
    • SV15-24-02
    • SV15-24-03
    • SV15-24-04
    • SV15-34-02
    • SV15-34-03
    • SV15-34-04
    • SV15-34-05
    • PSV12-34-02
    • PSV12-34-05
    • SV10-34-14
    • SV10-24-02
    • SV10-24-06


EasyValve update 12.4.08 is available for download by current users of EasyValve software by clicking here.

Note:  You must already have EasyValve 2.0 installed before installing the database update.  Click here to downlaod a free copy of EasyValve 2.0.

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