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Cast-Iron Dump Pump/Valve Combo

Cast-Iron Dump Pump/Valve Combo

A complete line of manufactured C101 and C102 cast-iron pump/valve combinations are available with interchangeable parts and optional mountings and actuators, targeted at dump trucks and trailers. A three-position valve controls the raising, holding, and lowering of a cylinder, with a maximum pressure of 2500 psi. The units have full-flow and adjustable main relief valves to protect pumps and cylinders from overload and shock. Capacity ranges from 39 to 48 gpm at 1800 rpm. Two-line installation (one line to cylinder, one line to reservoir) is available solely for intermittent operations, while three-line installation (one line to cylinder, two lines to reservoir) can be used for continuous or intermittent operations. Sleeves come with both installations. The cylinders can be cab-controlled with a mechanical cable or air-shift-controlled.

Fluidyne Fluid Power, (800) 842-5377

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