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Vane and Gear Pumps to Look Out for at IFPE

Vane and Gear Pumps to Look Out for at IFPE

Hydraulic Vane Pumps Operate at 2,000 psi

​Fluidyne Fluid Power's V200 series of vane pumps are rated for pressures up to 2,000 psi and speeds up to 1,800 rpm. They are available in seven sizes for maximum flows from 2 to 11 gpm at 1,200 rpm and 100 psi. Offered as drop-in replacements on flange mounting (V210), foot mounting (V214), and face mounting (V230) with Buna or Viton seals, the V200 series has a robust dual-shaft bearing design and includes double-lipped shaft seals to prevent leakage. Shafts are available in straight-keyed long (standard), short, male-threaded shaft end, and spline, with others available upon request. Visit Fluidyne at IFPE Booth S80634.

Low-noise Gear Pumps

​Marzocchi Pumps USAIFPE Booth S83533, is showcasing its ELIKA low-noise, low-pressure gear pump. With innovative features that serve mobile markets, ELIKA is developed for applications that require low noise levels. Helical gears ensure motion continuity despite their low number of teeth, and noise is reduced to 15 dB(A) on average compared to standard external gear pumps. The particular shape of the Elika profile eliminates encapsulation, and deletes main sources of noise and vibrations. They are offered in a variety of cc/rev ratings and group numbers. With these low noise, high pressure, high-efficiency, and reduced-size features, the gear pumps target applications such as steering systems, mobile compactors, power units, cooling, and recirculation systems on mobile machines.

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