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Servo Pumps Save Energy in Blow-Molding Apps

Using a Sinamics servo pump, operators can increase machine output and overall efficiency to save on operating costs.

Combined with the right controls and software, variable displacement pumps can provide the motion control necessary to reduce energy consumption in blow-molding machines and similar equipment. Company Siemens offers an entire platform for motion control with its Sinamics servo pump and complementary TCP3000 software package. 

The Simanics servo pump is built using standard components including the Sinamics S120 drive platform and distributed I/O. It can be managed using Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP connectivity protocols to monitor activity and integrate components with one another. The system also includes a graphical interface temperature controller that operators can manage from their computers. 

The company offers a complete hardware and software solution, delivering 256 points for linear interpolation, and targeting a wide range of injection speeds and pressures, as well as up to 24 temperature-control zones on a single programmable logic controller (PLC).

Controls can be viewed on a standard HMI. Advanced PLC-based PID control loops with fast auto-tuning and in-process tuning, decentralized I/O, and offers closed-loop temperature control for an entire extrusion or blow molding operation. An example of the connected control system can be viewed in the schematic below. 

For more information on the company's full injection-mold motion control solution, visit


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