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Rotary Vane Pump Offers High Vapor Capacity for Aggressive Gases

Pascal 2021 HW two-stage rotary vane pump is said to offer the highest vapor capacity in its class, making it suitable for working with aggressive gases in freeze drying and medical sterilization applications. An optimized design and gas ballast system allows the pumping of large volumes of vapor without condensation inside the pump. This prevents accumulation of fluid that would adversely affect the service life of the pump and the pump oil. The pump is constructed of materials that tolerate aggressive chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. The pump is ready to deliver vapor in just a few minutes due to a customized temperature management system. Its safety device impedes the water from entering into functional sections of the pump if the steam capacity is inadvertently exceeded. Its compact design enables easy installation into OEM and custom equipment.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, (603) 578-6500

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