Pump and Controller Economically Moderates Engine Temps

Pump and Controller Economically Moderates Engine Temps

The V40M-028H axial piston pump leverages an electronic pressure controller to control hydraulic fan speeds in mobile machinery. The P1R1 controller keeps the pump operating with Tier 4 Final and Euro 6 emission standards, fine-tuning the pump pressure to keep the engine below a set temperature. In the event of a power failure, the pump increases pressure to increase fan speed and protect the engine from overheating. The hydraulic controller can also deactivate the fans if the engine falls below its operating temperature, reducing fuel consumption and noise emissions.

Displacing volumes up to 28 cm3 per revolution, the V40M-028H pump maintains an operating pressure of 380 bar and supports peak loads of 400 bar. They can be combined with multiple proportional directional spool valves and controllers from HAWE’s modular-constructed product line. The variety of available combinations helps facilitate the implementation of more demanding fan-control requirements. The 5.2- x 7.2-in. pumps can be mounted on a diesel engine. It’s possible to deploy multiple fans independently, setting them up to run in parallel or series, as well as in reverse.

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