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Piston Pumps That You Shouldn't Miss at IFPE

Variable-displacement Axial-Piston Pumps Reduce Fuel Consumption 

​Hengli America's HP3V Series axial-piston pump is an open circuit pump that helps reduce fuel consumption while increasing productivity and reliability over long service intervals. It comes in six sizes ranging from 28 to 140 cc/rev. It features a variable pump in swash-plate design for open circuit operation, and has a continuous pressure rating of 4,641 psi. It has optional through drive and quick response controllability. It produces low pressure pulsation and low noise. The pumps also offer electronic torque control and an electronic pressure relief valve. To learn more, visit IFPE booth S81440.

Variable-Displacement Piston Pumps Target Mobile, Marine Apps 

Kawasaki Precision Machinery showcases its K3VL series variable-displacement, axial piston pumps. At 77 lb, these operate at medium pressures, and are designed for open circuits used in mobile, industrial and marine applications. With SAE and ISO mounting, shaft, and port configurations, they meet stringent requirements for noise, efficiency, controllability, and durability. They are  available in seven sizes with maximum displacements ranging from 28 to 200 cc/rev. They have pressure ratings of 4,600 psi, with peak pressures reaching 5,075 psi. Self-priming speeds range from 3,000 rpm for the smallest size to 1,900 for the largest. Check them out at IFPE Booth S80506.

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