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Viking research and testing lab Tim Dodd Photography LLC/ Viking Pump, Laborpraxis Worldwide

Newly Appointed Pump-Company President Commits to R&D

The company recently dedicated $1.7 million in renovations to its research lab in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Viking Pump Inc. named Derrick Goddard its official new president. Goddard has fulfilled the role of interim President since July 2016 in conjunction with his role as general manager of Viking Pump Canada. In the new role, Goddard will continue to steer the company’s focus toward research and development, building new pump designs that will benefit customers in military, food and beverage, chemicals, fuels, plastics, and other markets.

Derrick has been with Viking Pump/IDEX for 27 years. Having served in roles with Corporate IT and as director of operations for Viking Pump Canada, he is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. He most recently served as the general manager for Viking Pump’s Canadian and European Operations.

Through experiences in the Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) market, the company will continue to develop solutions and its existing product offerings, which consist mainly of rotary positive displacement pumps. In light of recent renovations at its testing and research lab, Goddard will continue to place a special focus on research and development. At the lab, employees will explore manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, as well as design and testing tools that include finite element analysis (FEA) for optimal part design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for flow analysis, and others that aid in new pump designs with improved systems efficiency.

“I have had a long history with the people of this organization, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities unfolding and growth potential in the future,” says Goddard. “Viking is focused on efficient and expeditious product development and testing. The new investments have positioned us to be much quicker to market with product solutions.”

For more information on Viking Pump, call (319) 266-1741 or visit

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