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Camec_mobile_shredder_cgiandInset.jpg Camec mobile shredder
A 2-in-1 mobile waste shredder from Camec Srl uses four Hägglunds radial-piston motors (two CA 140 and two CA 210) because of their high torque output and small size. The motors also allow free rotation, which makes the machine more versatile for recycling paper coils and other bulky waste.

LS/HT Motors Bring Compact Power to Waste Shredder

Camec Srl is one of today’s go-to providers for custom-built solid-waste reduction equipment. Located in Cittadella, Italy, Camec was established in 1993 as a supplier to other equipment producers. Very quickly, however, Camec began developing its own machines for recycling industrial and municipal waste. Although the company has since expanded with three other machinery divisions—handling, bakery, and industrial—its focus on recycling equipment remains.

“Camec can address the most different problems and requests in almost any sector of waste recycling,” says Barbara Lombardo, sales and marketing Manager at Camec. “We see the recycling industry expanding more and more, not only within Italy but throughout the European community and beyond.” To stay ahead of this developing market, Camec is constantly in search of alternatives that can lead to more competitive solutions. One such alternative, Hägglunds low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors, came to Camec through word of mouth in late 2017.

A Simple Start

“We were intrigued to hear that such compact motors could offer the same performance as previous solutions, and without the need of a gearbox,” Lombardo adds. Camec asked Bosch Rexroth to rush-deliver a motor in time for the Ecomondo Green Technologies Expo and has since used Hägglunds low-speed,high-torque motors in a custom-designed 2-in-1 shredder solution.

Developed to recycle paper coils and other bulky waste, the shredder is equipped with two Hägglunds CA 140 motors on one side and two Hägglunds CA 210 motors on the other. These motors can work together for maximum power, but the option of freewheeling one of the motors in each set creates new flexibility. The CA 140 motors can transmit torque to 140 N-m/bar, and CA 210 motors can transmit up to 210 N-m/bar.

Both motors are rated for maximum speed to 310 rpm to provide low-speed output with no need for a speed reducer. When needed, the shredder can freewheel the motors to provide higher speed with lower power consumption. Lombardo adds, “After considering the alternatives, our technical department decided to use the motors because they require so much less space and do not need a gearbox.”

Ready for More

Moving forward, Lombardo sees a clear place for Hägglunds motors in other Camec recycling solutions, and no only because they are so compact. Their high torque output and stepless speed adjustment open a wide range of applications. “Hägglunds motors can make our own equipment even more versatile,” says Lombardo, “which is an important aspect of meeting our customers’ changing needs.”

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