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Kut Hydraulics
A new hydraulic power unit from Kurt Hydraulics makes it easy to actuate workholding jigs using shop air for power.

Hydraulics for Automated Workholding Made Easy

Specifying and installing a hydraulic power unit for automated workholding systems used CNC machining centers just got a whole lot easier. That’s because Kurt Hydraulics, Minneapolis, introduced its Automation Pump System, which can provide hydraulic power and control for multiple workholding actuators.

Kurt’s Automation Pump System comes complete with solenoid valves, pressure switches, and wire harnesses for adding the appropriate connectors that fit your specific CNC controller or other I/O device. The system can be configured with up to four or more valves, depending on the number of hydraulic actuators used in the workholding jig. It’s powered by normal shop air instead of electrical power for an electric motor and is double-acting, so hydraulic power can close and open workholding actuators. A single-acting version is available for operating spring-open actuators.

The pump requires compressed air at 40 to 100 psi and sustains hydraulic pressure at up to 3,400 psi for use with all Kurt hydraulic vises or Kurt hydraulic cluster towers. An internal load-limiting valve protects against overload, a problem that can occur with other types of hydraulic pumps. The load-limiting valve allows a piston mechanism to cycle automatically when the jig requires hydraulic flow at low pressure. This performance-on-demand feature keeps the pump pressurized and ready to give hydraulic flow whenever it is needed. The pump is equipped with an air exhaust muffler to provides quiet operation and emits far less noise than comparable electric motor-driven pumps. The compact foot-print of the pump is 6 by 8 in. for easy location next to the workholding setup.

The Kurt system can also be used to power swing clamps and other types of clamping functions in many manufacturing processes.

To request more information in North America, call Steve Kane at (877) 226-7823 or e-mail the company.

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