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Atos SpA filters
Atos SpA recently introduced a new line of in-line pressure and tank-top filters to its portfolio of hydraulic and electrohydraulic valves and pumps.

Electrohydraulics Company Enters Filtration Field

For 60 years, Atos Spa, Sesto Calende, Italy, has been known for its design and manufacturing of hydraulic and electrohydraulic products, including on-off, proportional, and safety valves; cartridge valves; pumps; digital and proportional electronics; servocylinders; and systems. Officials at Atos recently announced the addition of a line of hydraulic filters to their varied mix.

A company spokesperson offers, “We have now decided to exploit our strong know how in the development of a new range of first-class hydraulic filters, equipped with high efficiency filtering elements, engineered with inorganic microfibres to ensure β×(c) ratings exceeding 1000 for all filters.”

Initial product offerings include in-line pressure filters and tank-top return filters. The in-line pressure filters with threaded and SAE flanged ports accommodate flow to flow to 340 l/min and pressure to 420 bar; they have filtration ratings of 4.5, 7, or 12 µmc. The tank top return filters with threaded ports accommodate flows to 55 lpm, pressures to 8 bar, and are rated 12 or 27 µmc.

The line of filters expands Atos’ product portfolio and ensures tight contamination control for successful application of proportional electrohydraulics.

For more information, go to the Atos website or visit the company’s booth at Hannover Fair—Hall 23, Booth B14.

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