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Commercial vehicles and work trucks, such as this dump truck, seem to be next in line for electrification of their hydraulics. Hydraulic pumps powered by electric motors instead of a vehicle’s engine or PTO may soon become commonplace for power steering and other functions.

Electrification of Mobile Hydraulics Keeps on Truckin’

Allied Motion Technologies has introduced a variable-speed hydraulic pump drive.

With advances in variable-speed electric drives, more and more industrial hydraulic power units now use variable-speed pump drives as an energy-efficient alternative to conventional fixed-speed drives with variable-displacement pumps. Several companies now offer similar drives for off-road equipment, but Allied Motion Technologies, Amherst, N.Y., recently introduced a variable-speed hydraulic pump drive intended for power steering systems in trucks, buses, and similar vehicles.

Allied Motion’s EHS series brushless hydraulic pump motors contain integrated drive electronics to directly drive electrohydraulic pumps on large trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. The motors come in two frame sizes and seven models rated for 24- or 48-Vdc power to meet the requirements of a wide range of vehicle sizes. Allied normally supplies the motor itself but can supply complete assemblies incorporating an integrated hydraulic pump.

Allied Motion Technologies now offers 24- and 48-Vdc electric motor drive for powering hydraulic pumps in work truck, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.

EHS series motors provide vehicle OEMs or their second-tier suppliers with a fully integrated electric power steering system that substantially improves vehicle fuel efficiency over all-hydraulic systems. They also offer greater design flexibility because the pump can be installed just about anywhere in the vehicle rather than having to be powered by a vehicle’s gas or diesel engine or power takeoff. Additional benefits include reduced lifetime maintenance and repair costs. Allied officials say EHS electric pump drive motors have exhibited durability and long life in even the harshest environmental conditions.

The EHS’s on-board electronics enable the motor to serve as an intelligent node in modern vehicle networks. Thus, the EHS provides an important component of an intelligent motion solution for electrohydraulic power steering and auxiliary power systems for heavy trucks and commercial buses.

Allied officials also point out that the pump drive motors are also well suited for use in lift trucks with hydraulic steering, larger warehouse trucks, construction vehicles, and agricultural equipment.

For more information on Allied Motion’s EHS pump drive motors or other products and services, visit the company's website or call (716) 242-7535.

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