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The Lectric drive is rated 100 to 700 hp maximum torque from 1,040 to 2,150 lb-ft torque for driving up to eight hydraulic pumps from a single electric motor.

Drive Multiple Pumps from a Single Motor

The Lectric Drive offers a convenient way of providing alternating or standby pump operation.

Multi-pump drives are common sight in mobile hydraulic systems. These drives consist of a gear drive inside a bell housing that connects to a gasoline or diesel engine. The opposite side contains one or more standard 2- or 4-bolt flanges for mounting hydraulic pumps. This configuration provides several benefits. For one, two or more identical pumps can be connected to provide nearly identical hydraulic output flow from each. Or different sized pumps can be used provide output flow proportional to the displacement of each pump.

Designers of industrial hydraulic systems now have this option with the Lectric Drive, offered by Regal Beloit’s Durst Div., Florence, Ky. Unlike conventional boxes for industrial applications, the Lectric Drive does not require an adapter flange and shaft coupling to mate the C-face flange of the pump to that of the motor. Instead, the Lectric connects directly to Regal Beloit’s Marathon brand motors. This convenient setup not only saves space and weight but eliminates the number of components and reduces assembly time.

By mounting a hydraulic or pneumatic clutch between each pump, the Lectric Drive also provides a compact and convenient way of providing alternating or standby pump operation. For example, each time pump power is needed, a control could engage one clutch and disengage the other. Therefore, the life of both pumps could be extended because they would both operate a half the normal duty cycle. As a pump standby system, it would allow removing one pump for service or repair while the other continues to run the system. Of course, appropriate safety precautions should be strictly followed whenever working on any hydraulic, mechanical or electric system.

By doing away with adapter flange and shaft coupling, The Lectric drive is a lighter, more compact, and easier to install than conventional solutions.

Multiple Configurations for Versatility

The Lectric Drive is designed to be used with Regal Beloit’s Marathon Electric motors rated 100 to 700 hp. Marathon Electric is known for its totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) and explosion-proof motors. Lectric Drive can accommodate 230-, 460-, and 575-Vac power at 50- or 60-Hz frequency. The Lectric Drive comes with mounting pads for driving as many as eight pumps. Any of several gear drive ratios can be specified, and output torque is rated 1,040 to 2,150 lb-ft.

John Locarno, global sales and marketing manager, said engineers at Durst and Marathon Electric identified the need for an easy-to-install, space-saving system that required fewer parts and literally no maintenance or setup time compared to current designs. “The conventional hydraulic power drive assembly connects the motor shaft and pump drive by way of a C-face motor adaptor and an external coupling. Direct mounting with the Lectric Drive renders the adaptor-coupler approach obsolete. The pump drive literally becomes part of the electric motor.”

Users receive the Lectric Drive preassembled and completely ready for installation. Locarno explains that not only does the Lectric drive eliminate the C-flange adaptor and shaft coupling but it eliminates the time and skill needed to align the shaft coupling. The electric motor mounts and aligns properly to the pump drive, reducing setup time.

Locarno adds that the Lectric drive’s smaller package—up to 20 in. shorter than conventional systems—can save hundreds of pounds in system weight and hundreds of dollars in installation costs. In addition, with no C-face adaptor to repair or replace, the end user enjoys lower maintenance costs.

For more information on the Durst Lectric drive, call (859) 342-7900, or click here.

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