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Atos PVPC-PERS pump

Digital Servo Pump Improves Efficiency for Industrial Apps

The axial-piston pump targets high-pressure industrial applications requiring low noise generation and long service life.

The PVPC-PERS digital proportional bent-axis servopump targets high-pressure industrial applications requiring low noise and heat generation. Used in machinery such as plastic injection machines, its electronic power-limiting capabilities enable combined closed-loop variable flow and pressure control with a quick dynamic response. The digital controls are accurate and responsive for pressure and flow regulation with high efficiency ratings .

Available in four sizes with max displacements of 29, 46, 73, and 88 cm3/rev, four real-time pressure PID configurations can be selected during the working cycle to adapt to the hydraulic condition. The pump can integrate into fieldbus networks via optional CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK and EtherNet/IP.

View the PDF for more specifications, or contact Atos SpA ad [email protected]

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