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Bonfiglioli 705XT track drives

Compact Track Drives Integrate Gearing with Hydraulics

Compact construction machinery isn’t just for small construction and equipment-rental companies. Large construction projects also use several smaller and compact machines to reach areas inaccessible or inconvenient for larger machines to reach and remain productive. Today’s compact machines are also more powerful than ever, so they can do more.

This means smaller and compact machines need drive components that can transmit more power within the same or smaller package as before. That’s the strategy behind 705XT track drives from Bonfiglioli. The 705XT track drive is designed for use in such machines as 5½ to 7½-ton compact track loaders, small dozers, and 12- to 15-ton pavers.

Bonfiglioli’s 705XT track drive integrates an axial-piston hydraulic motor, parking brake, and two-stage planetary gearbox into a single component that is compact and easy to install.

The drive incorporates a double-reduction planetary gearbox with a fixed or variable-displacement axial-piston hydraulic motor and parking brake. The design produces not only a compact drive, but simplifies installation as well. This drive unit provides output torque of up to 17,000 N-m. The motor itself is rated for a continuous pressure to 450 bar, maximum flow of 160 l/min and can achieve zero displacement. It also exceeds the 2:1 displacement ratio limitation found in other axial-piston motors.

The 705XT drive comes with a two-position hydraulic displacement control for two-speed operation. It can also be equipped with an electrical proportional control and a built-in speed sensor for closed-loop, continuously variable displacement.


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