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Backhoe loader
Whether it’s hauling material as a front-end loader (shown) or digging a trench with its backhoe, backhoe loaders are a common sight at most construction projects because of their power, control, and versatility—attributed, largely, to hydraulics.

Backhoe Loaders Make the Most of Hydraulics

Caterpillar’s series F2 center-pivot backhoe loaders are made for digging, trenching, back-filling, and material handling in applications such as, but not limited, to general and road construction, demolition, excavation, and landscaping. Contractors rely on backhoe loaders as a workhorse that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. The large loader bucket can scoop, transport, and dump large quantities of earth, debris, or other loose material quickly, efficiently, and with precise control. All an operator has to do is rotate the seat 180 deg. to use the backhoe of digging trenches and similar work.

But that’s not all. All models can also be equipped with auxiliary hydraulics, including a third-function loader valve, six-function backhoe valve, and related lines. Operators can quickly exchange the backhoe bucket for a vibrator or other dedicated attachment to make the machine even more versatile. Furthermore, adjustable auxiliary-hydraulic flow matches controllability of hydraulic work tools to the operator’s skill level or preference. Cat’s 20F2 IT and 430F2 IT machines have standard twist-to-connect, quick-acting hydraulic couplers that can be connected under pressure. All models feature hose routing for extendible sticks, adding to overall reliability and durability.

The F2 series includes seven models with engines that meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards.  All F2 Series models have a powerful implement hydraulic system that uses a load-sensing, variable-displacement piston pump. This design provides full lifting and digging forces at all engine speeds and matches hydraulic flow to work demands for highly efficient operation.

The closed-center hydraulic system matches pressure and flow to application demand. Whether in full trenching mode or digging around delicate services, operators maintain precise control. In applications where speed is important—such as production trenching— the system provides the flow needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The load sensing hydraulic system provides:

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Low component wear
  • Moderate hydraulic temperatures
  • Full force at any engine speed

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