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Huddig's loader backhoe

Backhoe Loader Relies on Hybrid Hydraulic Drive

Huddig's new unit drives each wheel through a 610X two-speed hydraulically operated drive.

Until recently, hybrid hydraulic drives for off-highway equipment usually meant a combination of hydraulic drive and mechanical drive powered by an internal-combustion engine. But with the continued advances of electric motors driving mobile hydraulic systems, hybrid also means a combination hydraulic-electric drive. 

Such is the case with Huddig, Hudiksvall, Sweden. Huddig develops and manufactures backhoe loaders and excavators used primarily in the utility, railway, and construction industries. Since 1959, Huddig has manufactured more than 10,000 of these machines. Last year, Huddig introduced a backhoe loader with four-wheel drive. But unlike conventional machines, Huddig’s specially designed unit drives each wheel through a 610X two-speed hydraulically operated drive.

Bonfiglioli’s 610X two-speed wheel drive series with electric motor.

The 610X, designed and developed by Bonfiglioli, has been specifically created for hybrid backhoe loaders. It features dynamic electronic speed shifting and integrated parking and service brakes. The drive package takes full advantage of the electric motor’s power output signature. The integrated speed shift always operates the motor at the optimum speed range for maximum efficiency.

Driven by a liquid-cooled 30-kW electric motor, each wheel drive can produce an output torque of 40,000 N-m. Independent control of each wheel’s speed and torque is especially useful on slippery and sloping surfaces, where traction would otherwise be challenging. The Bonfiglioli 610 also improves steering ability, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as cramped construction sites. The drives also operate much quieter than conventional hydraulic drives.

A specially designed loader backhoe from developed and manufactured by Huddig uses a hybrid hydraulic-electric drive at each wheel for improved traction control, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency than machines with conventional drives.

The Bonfiglioli 610X wheel drives are part of Huddig’s Tigon Technology which can as much as 30% greater output than the diesel engine alone is able to produce. Huddig officials note that full hybrid technology, which combines diesel and electric power, generates and regenerates energy in a way that has never before been possible for construction machinery. The technology produces higher efficiency and performance, resulting in lower fuel consumption, greater output, higher torque, a quieter machine, and a more environmentally friendly working method.

For more information on Bonfiglioli’s 610X wheel drive, click here.

For more information on Huddig and Tigon Technology, click here.

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