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Atos India

Atos Opens Facility in India

Atos Spa, Sesto Calende, Italy, recently announced the opening of Atos India Hydraulics Private Ltd, with a totally new 1,000 m2 facility in Ahmedabad. Atos designs and manufactures a wide variety of electrohydraulic products used for integrated electrical and hydraulic motion control systems and other high-end applications.

After establishing a presence in India with a branch office in India over last 12 years, Atos expects to significantly increase its level of service to customers in that country. The new facility includes an advanced testing bench for service and repair activities, a wide variety of stock components for quick delivery, and an expanded team of skilled technicians and support staff. Regional sales managers now serve Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

Atos also has branches in about 20 countries, as well as Atos North America, a wholly owned subsidiary located in York, Pa.

For more information on Atos products and services, visit or contact the North American Div. at (717) 840-7396;

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