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Young Powertech develops partnership with STM

Young Powertech will focus on distributing the Italian manufacturer's specialty gearboxes in the North American market.

Young Powertech Inc., Garnet Valley, Pa., recently created a new partnership with STM, Bologna, Italy, a major manufacturer of mechanical transmission devices, particularly planetary drives and gearboxes. Through the alliance, Young Powertech becomes STM’s exclusive North American partner.

All of STM’s product lines will now be available to OEMs in North America, however, Young Powertech will focus on heavy-duty gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, parallel shaft gearboxes, and bevel helical gearboxes.

According to Thomas Sheridan, Director of Strategic Development for Young Powertech, STM has an extensive track record of successful global partnerships with leading companies. It currently has satellite offices in the UK, Australia and South Africa and has yearly sales of over $100 million internationally.

“Rather than opening up their own offices everywhere in the world, STM has instead opted to grow internationally through partnerships with strong, proven and emerging companies,” Sheridan said. “They saw those characteristics in Young Powertech and have made the jump into the American market.”

The support of STM's 200 employees, manufacturing capabilities, and engineering expertise will help Young Powertech better serve OEMs with more efficient and reliable solutions, said Sheridan.

“Before this partnership, our capacity was minimum when compared to a company like STM and other larger manufacturers,” Sheridan continued “This partnership opens up their engineers and 70,000 ft2 manufacturing plant to our disposal, allowing us to better serve our current and new OEMs with better technology, quicker response time and the knowledge of some of the best Italian engineers in the world. It also gives us the confidence to go after more bold applications that we may have shied away from before.”

Visit for more details on product lines.

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