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Sauer-Danfoss earns certification for designing safe software

Sauer-Danfoss has become the first company to achieve TÜV-Nord certification of process quality to simplify functional safety software project management.

Last week, Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, Iowa, announced that it has become the first company to achieve TÜV-Nord certification of process quality, with Software PDLP development process, which simplifies functional safety software project management.

By providing a guided workflow, the Software PDLP process dramatically reduces time and cost associated with creating safe and certifiable software for mobile machines, enabling development teams to focus on technical solutions. The pre-certified structured process reduces waste by eliminating the need for repeated reviews of hundreds of pages of documents to follow different functional safety standards. It also reduces complexity by providing a starting point and guiding the user into the software-relevant aspects of functional-safety-related software.

Sauer-Danfoss also announced three upcoming functional safety training modules, which should be done in order:

  • Safety-Related Software Development (available in June)
  • Risk Assessment & Safety-Function Evaluation (available in July)
  • Functional Safety Fundamentals (available in September)

Software developers with experience in the company’s PLUS+1GUIDE graphical programming environment can learn how to use the Software PDLP process in the Safety-Related Software Development course.

Each of the two-day training modules will be instructor-led by Sauer-Danfoss functional safety experts and available in the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark.

Descriptions of the training modules are as follows:

The Functional Safety Fundamentals course offers anyone working in the area of mobile machinery an introduction to basic concepts of functional safety standards. Focused on Type-A, -B and -C standards for hydraulic/electrohydraulic systems, the course will help the user identify and select the appropriate generic or application-specific standard.

Participants will be introduced to different functional safety lifecycle models and receive an overview of the main challenges, most important process steps and critical deliverables of these models. Examples of hydraulic/electrohydraulic safety functions will also be discussed.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, trainees will have the capability to:

  • Select relevant functional safety standards for their area of applications
  • Contribute with functional safety aspects in machine design
  • Understand the importance of following different standards
  • Interpret functional safety aspects as an integral part of the organization and processes

The Risk Assessment & Safety-Function Evaluation module will introduce risk assessment of mobile machinery and the evaluation of safety functions using the SISTEMA software tool. The focus will be risk assessment and risk reduction principles in accordance with the basic safety standard EN ISO 12100:2010 and ISO 14121-2. Participants will get an in-depth view of how Sauer-Danfoss products can contribute to functional safety on mobile machinery.

SISTEMA, a software tool from the German Institute IFA, provides developers and testers of safety-related machine control systems comprehensive support in the evaluation of safety functions, in the context of EN ISO 13849-1.

Following the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the theory of risk assessment and risk reduction in accordance with EN ISO 12100:2010
  • Perform risk estimation in accordance with one of the methods from ISO 14121-2
  • Contribute to the risk assessment and reduction process
  • Identify safety functions as part of risk reduction
  • Understand how to determine the required Performance Level for safety functions
  • Understand the structure and functions of the SISTEMA tool
  • Understand and prepare safety block diagram
  • Create evaluations of simple safety-related machine controls, in accordance with EN ISO 13849, using the SISTEMA tool

The Safety-Related Software Development module aims to simplify the functional safety aspects of software development in projects using Sauer-Danfoss products, tools and processes. In addition to introducing the Software PDLP development process, the training will cover how to use Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 safety controllers in a functional safety project and new safety-related features in the PLUS+1 GUIDE graphical programming environment.

After finishing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Realize the need of a structured development process like the Sauer-Danfoss Software PDLP process
  • Understand how to use the Sauer-Danfoss Software PDLP process in a functional safety project
  • Be able to contribute in functional safety software development activities
  • Apply Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 tools and products in a safe way

More details area available will be available at Marco Tacke, product manager for this project, indicated that more information will become available as the training draws closer. He also indicated that registration will be announced prior to the first training is conducted and will be available here.



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