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Radial-piston hydraulic motors

Radial-piston hydraulic motors

Available in nine sizes, the GS Series hydraulic motors come in displacements from 49 to 2,513 cc/rev and are rated for maximum continuous speed to 1,800 rpm (2,800 rpm intermittent), which is said to be two to three times higher and with a wider speed range than other radial-piston motors. Maximum output torque ranges from 0.78 to 40.00 Nm/bar, with maximum continuous pressure rating to 300 bar (450-bar peak pressure rating). A disc cage on the crankshaft’s central roller bearing exhibits low friction to provide minimal heat generation. All load-bearing surfaces feature low sliding speeds and are hydrodynamically lubricated. Nonelastic mechanical piston guidance provides high dynamic stability of pistons while thicker cylinder walls and stronger cylinder trunnions offer stiffer, higher-strength cylinders.

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