Prepping Coal is the Goal

Prepping Coal is the Goal

Education, innovation, and industry networking are on tap at the only U. S. trade show dedicated to coal preparation and processing.

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Next month, Coal Prep attendees will have the chance to meet face to face with industry professionals from all over the world to share technology, techniques, and best practices in coal preparation and processing. The International Coal Prep Show will be held April 28 to May 1 at the Lexington Center in Lexington, Ky. Attendees will be able to explore the latest in industry trends and developments, expand their knowledge, and increase their skills by attending the conference, keynote, and general sessions. They can also get up to date on changes in regulations, and the most cost-effective solutions for their equipment and product needs.

It’s a great networking opportunity as well. The show sold out the past two years, and this year will have more than 300 suppliers present in the exhibit hall. Coal Prep is intended for those who work in the following industries: Aggregate Sales/Processing, Analysis/Sampling Services, Chemical Manufacturer, Chemical Applications, Coal Sales, Construction, Consulting/Construction, Engineering, Distributor/Equipment Sales, Equipment Manufacturer, Material Handling, Mining, Processing Plants, and Transportation.

A Learning Opportunity

In addition to the exhibit, the conference provides an educational experience with workshops and technical sessions. It offers five workshops: Intro to Coal Preparation, Screens, Heavy Media Separations, Fine Coal Circuits, and Dewatering. The four technical sessions are: Coal Separation Technologies, Plant Separating Practices, Dewatering Technologies, and Improving Margins through Optimization.

The workshops and sessions grant attendees with Professional Development Hours (PDH) approved by The Coal Prep Society of America. A PDH is one contact hour of instruction or presentation. At the conclusion of each workshop/session, attendees receive a certificate of attendance form. Attendees are responsible for maintaining records to support credits claimed. Some Keynote Addresses and General Sessions are also granted PDHs (depending on the presentation/lecture).

Listen Up

This year’s Keynote address is “Preparing Coal for an Ever-changing Market — The Future of Coal Could Lie in Our Hands.” The first speaker, Doug Jenkinson, retired coal- preparation engineer, will speak of his history in the industry highlighting the major change stages and advancements in coal preparation he has seen throughout his 70 years in the UK’s coal industry.

Next, Dave Osbourne, coal-technology manager, XT, a Glencore Co., Brisbane, Australia, will bring the discussion into the future of coal prep. His talk will focus on the current state of the coal-prep industry, where it needs to be, how to get there, and what it will take. He will also discuss the success stories of his approaches, and some of the barriers the coal-prep industry faces such as investment risk, cost-driven decision-making, market value, and waste/pollution.

The first general session will be presented by Maureen A. Healey, vice president of East Region, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. She will lead the discussion on “Ensuring Survival — Action — on Every Front.” Her talk will discuss the regulatory agenda proposed on the coal industry by the White House, as well as the EPA’s New Source Performance Standards, and their upcoming carbon standards.

In the second session, Cheryl Stapleton, vice president of Learning and Development, Alpha Natural Resources, will discuss the new, high-tech Running Light Leadership Academy, the only training facility of its kind in the United States.

Plan Ahead

Coal Prep is a private trade show. This year, the organizers have instituted a Qualified Attendee Program, due to an increased number of requests from exhibitors. The program makes sure all qualified buyers are identified at the event. Those who are considered Qualified Operators — coal, plant, rail, or power operating company — will receive free registration for the Exhibit Hall. Those who do not fall into this category are considered Manufacturers/Service Providers and will have to pay for access to the event.

Conference registration is now open. All conference options include access to the Exhibit Hall, general sessions, and a cocktail reception. Attendees who register for the conference before March 21 will have their registration fee waived, and conference prices are significantly lower than for on-site registration. Conference prices vary based on package.

For more information on Coal Prep and registration visit

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