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Load-sensing axial piston pump for the smaller power class

Load-sensing axial piston pump for the smaller power class

The A1VO35 axial piston pump from Rexroth reduces energy consumption while maintaining performance. As fuel prices continue to rise, so does the user’s need to find ways to make machines more energy efficient without sacrificing on the package size or increased cost. The A1VO35 meets these demands because it is designed to fit in the same volume as a comparable pump due to its integrated cartridge valve but also offers the ability to go off stroke when demand is reduced, thus decreasing the energy needed to run the system while still maintaining constant load pressure.

To make the switch easier for manufacturers, the A1VO has similar dimensions and performance data to other generally used fixed displacement pumps. With a displacement of 35 cm3 it is designed for speeds up to 3000 rpm. The variable displacement pump is rated at a working pressure of 3600 psi and a peak pressure of up to 4500 psi, and has a flow capacity of up to 27.7 gpm. The overall efficiency is nearly 90%. Service life is comparable to the A10VO and A10VNO versions, commonly used on large tractors and other mobile applications.

Visit for information. See a video of the pump and how it works now.

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