Beauty isn’t just skin deep

Beauty isn’t just skin deep

Unless you build hydraulic test stands, you probably rarely see bright, shiny new ones. But you’ll find just that in Fountain Inn, S. C. As part of the grand opening for its new hydraulics campus in Fountain Inn, Bosch Rexroth US unveiled a new test stand for evaluating its Rineer brand of vane type variable-displacement hydraulic motors.

The test stand was designed and built by Bosch Rexroth Canada and is rated for 1,700 hp. This will allow testing motors in-house, rather than having to send them to Germany. The test stand has a maximum pressure rating of 5,500 psi, can transmit 18,000 lb-ft of torque, and can flow up to 600 gpm at speeds to 3,400 rpm.

An energy saving feature of the new test bench is a power regeneration loop. According to Royce Abbott, test engineer, “The test bench has an input of 700 hp through electric motors and utilizes hydraulic regeneration to be able to test hydraulic motors [transmitting] up to 1700 hp.”

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