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Aluminum lightens bent-axis pump

Aluminum lightens bent-axis pump

Many hydraulics experts are advocates of bent-axis hydraulic pumps. If you want a real workhorse, it’s hard to beat the high efficiency and long life of a bent axis pump.

Because bent-axis pumps may be a bit bulky, they can also be heavy. Sunfab Hydraulics AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden, has addressed the weight issue by introducing its SAP line of bent-axis pumps, which have an aluminum alloy housing. The aluminum alloy provides the high strength required of a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, but exhibits lower density than conventional materials to reduce weight.

Sunfab’s SAP bent-axis pump has an aluminum alloy housing, which makes it lighter than its conventional counterparts.

SAP pumps were introduced earlier this year in four sizes (40, 47, 56, and 64-cc/rev). All four sizes use the same 9.8-kg (21.6-lb) housing and are rated for operating pressure to 400 bar. Lars Häggroth, product manager for pumps at Sunfab, said the company plans on releasing two additional sizes next year — 12 and 108-cc models. Currently, they are offered in fixed-displacement configurations.

The Sunfab SAP pump can be fitted either directly to a power takeoff or on a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft. It can be supplied with a bypass valve for applications where hydraulics are used while a vehicle is in motion. The aluminum housing not only makes a lighter-weight housing that’s easier to install, but reduces bending moment on the PTO and resists corrosion.

For more information on Sunfab’s SAP bent-axis pump, call (877) 786-3221 or visit

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