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Offshore operator commits to biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Offshore operator commits to biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Jackson Offshore Operators, Harvey, La., is a marine services company supporting the offshore oil and gas industry. Officials recently announced that Jackson Offshore will be outfitting its Jet Drive Fast Crew/Supply boats with EnviroLogic 3046 hydraulic fluid from Terresolve Technology, Mentor, Ohio.

Fury is one of Jackson Offshore’s four Jet Drive Fast Crew/Supply vessels. The Fury uses four Hamilton HM-811 water jets for steering and propulsion at speeds to 34 knots. All four hydraulic steering systems use EnviroLogic 3046 hydraulic fluid. The Fury is 175 ft long and certified to carry up to 70 people.

EnviroLogic 3046 is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid designed to perform in applications where incidental environmental exposure of the lubricant is a cause for concern. The fluid is readily biodegradable, meaning it will break down into natural parts within 28 days in accordance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) ultimate biodegradation test. In addition, it meets all major hydraulic fluid performance specifications, making it a direct replacement for their petroleum analogues.

“One of our core values is to protect our people and the environment,” offered Lee Jackson, president and CEO of Jackson Offshore. “We were pleased to hear that Terresolve offers environmentally acceptable alternatives, but were unsure if they could meet our high performance standards. HamiltonJet — makers of the waterjets — let us know that Terresolve’s EnviroLogic 3046 more than met its expectations, and after that it was a green light all the way.”

“We are always trying to raise the bar of performance,” said Terresolve CEO, Mark Miller. “Our customers are constantly seeking environmentally safe fluids and greases that are able to perform in exceptionally harsh conditions, like offshore operations.”

Miller explained that Terresolve’s EnviroLogic 3046 is a synthetic-based fluid that falls into the ISO 6743 Environmental Hydraulic Fluids Classification HEPR category. HEPR refers to poly-alpha olefin and related fluids offering significantly improved performance over synthetic ester (HEES) fluid, which can be susceptible to oxidation and hydrolysis.

“While Jackson is little less than two years old, our modern fleet is designed for deepwater operations and we are meeting the demanding requirements of the offshore oil and gas industry,” Jackson concluded.

For more information, call Terresolve Technologies at (800) 661-3558 or visit For more information on Jackson Offshore Operators, call (504) 328-8887 or visit

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