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Keep oil clean with flushing

Keep oil clean with flushing

Routine filtration and high velocity/hot oil flushing services are a critical part of preventive maintenance of all rotational equipment. The damaging effects of particulate contamination have been well documented as causes of premature component wear and failure. Periodic flushing can help ensure optimal system cleanliness by dislodging particles that would otherwise cling to walls of piping during laminar flow. Once dislodged, particles are removed via a series of high efficiency filter elements.

Routine oil filtration and flushing are critical preventive maintenance activities for rotational equipment such as hydraulic components.

This is why Oil Filtration Systems, Boerne, Texas, provides oil reclamation, purification, and hot oil flushing field services. The company, a manufacturer of industrial oil and fuel filtration equipment, can provide factory-trained crews to employ its systems on a contract basis.
Although oil flushing is commonly performed on the lube oil systems of both gas and steam turbines, it is used  for remediation of electrohydraulic controlled systems at power plants, for hydraulic control panel flushes, and for cleaning of lube oil, hydraulic oil or diesel fuel reservoirs.

Field services for oil reclamation, purification, and hot oil flushing can be provided on an emergency “same day/next day” basis if required. The company maintains crews and vehicles to travel throughout the Southern United States.

In addition to contract services, the company provides fluid purification equipment on a rental basis. Systems to remove water, particles, varnish, and other contaminants from fluids are available, as well as fluid analysis.

Call (800) 449-0262 or visit for details.

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