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Environmental Fluid Targets Outdoor Power Equipment

Dynamic Green Products targets outdoor power equipment with its new hydraulic fluid offering.

Dynamic Green Products will be launching the newest addition to its NV Earth line of high-performance, bio-based hydraulic fluid targeting outdoor power equipment. The new hydraulic fluids are designed replace conventional petroleum in everything from riding mowers to farm tractors to construction equipment.

“The human population consumes almost 4 billion gallons of crude per day,” says Dynamic Green Products founder Scott Porter. “Petroleum contaminants are spread into the air, water and food supplies every second of every day, which negatively impacts the health of all human beings and our planet’s ecosystem.”

NV Earth ISO Hydraulic fluid is made from renewable content that’s readily biodegradable and compatible with mineral oil. It has surpassed test standards for vane pump, dielectric safety requirements, and the ASTM D943 turbine oil test for superior oxidation stability in the presence of water.

NV Earth ISO 32/46/68 bio-based hydraulic oil is a biodegradable synthetic product with high oxidation stability and shear resistance for long service life. It has a high viscosity index, a flash point exceeding 240° C, and pour point down to –45° C, making it appropriate for a wide range of operating environments. It complies with the EPA’s VGP (vessel general permit) and exceeds ISO corrosion, foam, emulsion and elastomer compatibility requirements.

NV EARTH products also include bio-based chain oil, 2-cycle engine oil, and 10W-30 and 10W-40 4-cycle engine oil.

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