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Check Fluid Temperature…From Your Smartphone

Check Fluid Temperature…From Your Smartphone

Parker Hannifan's new temperature-sensing clamp offers an even more portable and quicker way to obtain hydraulic-fluid temperature readings.

Hydraulic technicians today are more safety-conscious than ever. Don’t use your hands to seek out fluid leaks, and don’t touch pipes or tubing to see if they’re hot. Hot hydraulic lines can be evidence of something wrong in a system. Most portable diagnostic instruments contain thermometers, but an even more portable and quicker way to obtain temperature readings may be the latest addition to Parker Hannifin’s SensoNODE family of wireless diagnostic products.

Parker’s SensoNODE clamp doesn’t just provide a quick and convenient way to take the temperature of your hydraulic system, it can record high and low values and other historical data over time in conjunction with your wireless device and the SensoNODE mobile app.

Parker’s Quick Coupling div., Minneapolis, recently introduced a temperature-sensing clamp. About 5¼-in. long by 3-in. wide, the nylon clamp quickly attaches to pipe or tubing tubing. Once the clamp is n place, two stainless steel pads contact the conduit, and the clamp’s blue-capped sensor uses Bluetooth Smart1 technology to transmit temperature readings directly to mobile device. No wiring or external power supply is needed because the sensor operates on a CR2450 battery and is engineered for extended battery life. A button on the clamp handle turns the sensor on and off, and an LED indicates its status.

Check out a video on the SensoNODE Wireless Sensors, courtesy of Engineering TV, below:

The sensor reads temperatures from -40° to 257°F with ±5.0% accuracy, a resolution of 2°F, and with a scan-and-transmit rate of 2 sec. Users can define measurement units in °C or °F and define alert thresholds.

A SensoNODE Mobile app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store for mobile devices with iOS 7 or later. The app’s familiar navigation with pinch-and-zoom functionality provides real-time information, including current values, minimum/maximum indicators, and historical sensor information. An auto-recognition feature lets users quickly locate and connect as many as five sensors at the same time.

For more information, call (763) 544-7781, or visit

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