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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Makes High-Performance Rating List

The hydraulic oil’s compliance with high-standard testing proves that fluids can be both environmentally friendly and effective for power transmission and lubrication.

As the newest addition to Bosch Rexroth’s RDE 90245 Fluid Rating List, Panolin’s HLP SYNTH biodegradable hydraulic oil passes of some of the most rigorous OEM tests on the market. The fluid rating is added to HLP SYNTH’s existing credentials, which include an ISO 15380 fluid rating in combination with RFT-APU-CL tests for biodegradable hydraulic fluids, and a Blue Angel environmental award.

Panolin HLP SYNTH 32 Makes Bosch Rexroth Fluid Rating List RDE 90245

While most standardized tests evaluate fluid performance at 350 bar, Bosch Rexroth’s RDE 90245 tests operate at 500 bar. They are designed to measure fluid characteristics and interactions with key components like pumps, motors, and seals in real-life operating conditions. For examples of components that passed rigorous testing with HLP SYNTH oil, and those that failed, see the slide show above. 

The test’s procedures verify HLP SYNTH’s compliance with industry-standards, which are growing more rigorous as new high-performance fluids and additives are introduced for increasingly robust hydraulic applications. For example, pumps are generally becoming smaller with higher expectations for efficiency and output. In the 1970s, a pump’s specific power density in terms of pump weight ranged typically from 4 to 5 KW/kg. But by 2010, it had nearly doubled to over 8 KW/kg.

"Yet again, we have proven that our biodegradable products such as PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 32 also meet the highest industry requirements", says Patrick Lämmle, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Panolin International. “These oils reduce the maintenance and downtime costs of machinery and plants whilst increasing operating reliability, and thereby delivering a significant reduction in total operating costs," he explains.

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