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Software Filters Out Filters to Identify the Best Fit

Software Filters Out Filters to Identify the Best Fit

This example simulation shows the pressure drop profile in relation to the volume flow rate through a specific Rexroth filter. Click on image for larger view.

A new filter-sizing program developed by Bosch Rexroth helps users determine which of its filters best suit their applications. The Filter Select software takes fluid viscosity, system temperature, required micron rating, and other parameters into account when calculating the correct filter size and specifications.

The program also features an extensive database of fluids from numerous trusted suppliers, enabling  users to better pinpoint the most suitable hydraulic fluid, or run various simulations with different fluids. The fluid database includes Houghton International Inc. fluids, which have demonstrated high-performance results when tested in Bosch Rexroth components.

“We are pleased that our fluids perform to Rexroth’s high standards,” says Tony Noblit, Houghton’s Market Development Manager, Fluid Power. “The Filter Select tool makes it fast and easy for customers to find the best filters and fluids for optimal performance, and we are pleased to have Houghton fluids included in the program.”

Click here to go to Bosch Rexroth's online Filter Tools Page.

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