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Proper filtration cuts operating costs

Proper filtration cuts operating costs

Pirtek’s new filtration systems have decreased the time between oil changeouts and saved users money on fluid replacement.

Pirtek USA, known for its 1-hour on-site hose and fitting repairs and replacements, recently added a line of filtration products to reduce hydraulic oil changeouts.

Pirtek Filtration Systems (PFS) are on-board oil recycling units that filter hydrocarbon based fluids down to 1 μm while removing all water from component systems. 

In 2012, PIRTEK mobile service and sales technicians installed the PFS units on all types of stationary manufacturing equipment, from steel slitter gear boxes to huge plastic injection molding machines, as well as such mobile equipment as loaders, excavators, and crushers. Users have benefited from the PFS unit’s ability to extend hydraulic and transmission oil change intervals eight to ten times.

Using these filtration systems has allowed entire hydraulic systems to be cleaned up for less than the cost of an annual oil change. In addition to saving money in oil costs, more savings come from extended component life for high cost items, such as pumps and valves.

For example, PFS units turned what was quoted to be a $25,000 gear box oil change for a user into a $4000 job by cleaning the existing gear box oil to several levels cleaner than the brand new oil that would have been used.

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