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Hydraulic filter puts a new spin on contamination control

Hydraulic filter puts a new spin on contamination control

Keeping hydraulic fluids clean and contaminant-free is easier with a specialty-engineered hydraulic filter from Bosch Rexroth Corp. The new 110 LE(N) "cyclone" filter series features a filter head that is designed to force incoming fluid to veer off at an angle alongside the filter instead of flowing directly through the filter element. The hydraulic fluid deflects off a protective sleeve and flows in a spiral pattern around the filter materials as it moves down toward the filter bowl. This ensures that heavy dirt particles are transported to the outside away from filter pores.

It features a new filter bowl design for filter mounting. With this new design, contamination residue is more likely to accumulate in the filter bowl's indentations instead of the filter. Removal is done simply by cleaning the bowl.

A mechanical/electronic contamination indicator for filter monitoring and saturation notices in advance can be added during machine operation. Indicator lights either turn yellow (at 75% capacity) or red (at 100% capacity). Additionally, a spring-mounted red pin pops up automatically from the filter head when fluid pressure is above a certain set point, indicating that filter has reached its critical operating condition.

There is no need for a bypass check valve—which although they can keep hydraulics operating even with dirt accumulation—have several drawbacks.

The design is more efficient and durable, featuring a pressure spring in the filter that orients the filter element to the grooves in the filter bowl bottome. This protects the filter element from uncontrolled movements due to flow and vibration. The filter bowl's bottom distributes pressure more evenly, thus preventing the filter from being overburdened.

Finally, the filter element features six layers of asymmetrically arranged inorganic glass fiber media, which helps achieve high efficiency and dirt-holding capacity, while keeping pressure loss to a minimum. A star-pleated filter material design is positioned around an internal, cylindrical tube support tuve and wrapped in a protective sleeve of perforated plastic film. This protects against damage while helping keep hydraulic fluid flowing evenly into the filter.

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