Low-pressure Hose, Fittings are Easy to Connect

Low-pressure Hose, Fittings are Easy to Connect

Combination of new Push-On hose and Push-Loc hose fittings attach easily and quickly for a tight fit in low-pressure applications and without crimpings or use of any special tools. Push-On hose has internal spiral polyester material that locks onto the fitting. The tight grip remains constant under pressure up to 250 psi. Hose is designed for operation in temperatures from -20° to 180°F (-29° to 82° C). Having Nitrile RMA Class A Nitrile tube material and Nitrile PVC, RMA Class A cover, the hose is available in ¼- and ½-in. IDs in 250- and 700-ft reels.
Push-Loc fittings are  machined from  brass and come in 22 standard configurations and sizes, including ¼-, ⅜-, ½-, and ¾-in. male pipe, ⅜- and ½-in. female pipe; ¼-, ⅜-, ⅝-, and ¾-in. SAE swivel, ¼- and ½-in. male pipe swivel;  and ⅜- and ¾-in. female JIC swivel sizes.
Kurt Hydraulics, (866) 257-7995, www.kurthydraulics.com

Click here to download a PDF catalog from Kurt Hydraulics

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