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Hose Replacement: Do it Right the First Time (.PDF Download)

All of those excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery typically working at a construction site have a common vulnerability: They’re only as reliable as the hoses through which all of that hydraulic fluid travels. A sudden rupture not only halts work abruptly, but can also cause a spill that endangers the surrounding environment. It can happen without warning. And even if the hose doesn’t rupture, high-pressure hydraulic fluid leaks can seriously injure workers.

When a hydraulic hose does fail, you have two options. One is to have a member of the team carefully attempt to replace the hose. The other option—and the one that’s more reliable and far safer—is to have a hose professional come out and replace the hose. The hose pro knows the ins and outs of hose replacement and has the right equipment experience to get the job done according to specifications.

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