High-Temperature Hydraulic Hose

Four-spiral EC525 AQP Plus hose features proprietary AQP Plus elastomer compound. The tube and cover compound offers extended hose life (especially when subjected to extreme temperatures), lower maintenance and is compatible with a broader range of hydraulic fluids than standard rubber compounds. The 4-wire hose withstands temperatures from -40°F to 302° F. Available in -12 to -32 (¾ to 2 in.) sizes. Standard operating pressure of 350 bar (5,000 psi) for -12 and -16 (¾- to 1-in.) sizes, 241 bar (3,500 psi) for -20 and -24 (1¼- and 2-in.) sizes , and 224bar (3,250 psi) for –32 (2-in. ) size

Click here to view or download a PDF providing more details on Eaton's EC525 AQP Plus hose.

Eaton Corp., Hydraulics Group, (800) 386-1911

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