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Ben Pachuca RYCO 24-7

Entrepreneur Opens 24-7 Hydraulic-Hose Service in Houston

The RYCO 24•7 Program helps entrepreneurs get their hydraulic-hose service companies off the ground in locations including Houston, Montana, West Virginia, and Canada. It also has opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

The RYCO 24•7 program opens doors for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the hydraulic hose service industry. The program offers turn-key programs for existing distributors to add mobile service in their area, and provides a road map for people looking to start a new business. Its outreach for business opportunities includes various locations in Australia, New Zealand, and North America

Interested parties can also enter the program to boost their current business offerings. Through the program, facilities can gain access to RYCO hose products and equipment to provide local 24-7 repairs. 

“RYCO 24•7 is about keeping industry moving and saving our customers money with an on-site solution for failed hydraulic hoses,” says Gwyn O’Kane, Business Development Manager for RYCO 24•7. “Customers must keep equipment moving and they want to be able to pick up the phone and have a hose shop dispatched with a mechanic on board who can take care of the problem 24 hours 365 days”.

Katy Frwy is the most recently opened RYCO 24•7 mobile service center in Houston Texas owned by Ben Pacheco, a 26 year-old entrepreneur. Pictured above, Pacheco received his degree in business management from Louisiana State University, and has worked in the hydraulics industry as a Territory Manager. He will operate the business under Central Hydraulic Supply.

“I have a brother who is a successful RYCO distributor,” says Pacheco. “Together we investigated the RYCO 24•7 program. We had no experience in operating mobile hose workshops so it made absolute sense for us to leverage the RYCO 24•7 system—particularly in areas including the van set-up, training, marketing, procedures and on-going support”.

Katy Frwy will be the second service location in the area in addition to the Green Rd. service center and mobile service center. The business will provide on-site hydraulic hose replacement services to customers in the region.

Click here for a full list of 24-7 service stations in the U.S., or learn more about business opportunities in North America

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