Crimpers Work with Large Hoses

Crimpers Work with Large Hoses

The Tubomatic S220ES and Tubomatic S500ES are two new models  of crimping machines for large industrial and hydraulic hoses with various flange shapes. The Tubomatic S220ES provides a 450-ton crimping force and an extra-long stroke of 310 mm, which is ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses sized to 3-in. ID six spiral and industrial hoses sized to 10 in. Tubomatic S550ES produces a 830-ton crimping force and an extra-long stroke of 500 mm. It can crimp industrial hose sized to 12-in. diameter.

Both models have adjustable front protractors to fit different flanges and feature the ES-4 PLC to control crimping speed, crimping pressure, and multi-step systems. The work center for both is low to the base for easy installation of large hoses, and both use grease-free mechanisms, have silent pumps, and can connect to a PC via WiFi or LAN.

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