5 Hydraulic Hoses and Accessories to Look Out for at IFPE

High-Pressure Hose Has Small Bend Radius 

Eaton's EC600 X-FLEX hose

Designed for high-pressure applications, Eaton Corp. will be showcasing its EC600 X-FLEX spiral hose at IFPE Booth S80230. This hose features a flexible design for easy handling during installation, particularly in small spaces. At 50% of the Society of Automotive Engineers’ SAE 100R15 bend radius, the hose’s abrasion-resistant cover improves its assembly life, uptime, and operating costs. It can withstand more than one million impulse cycles at pressures as high as 6,100 psi, making it suitable for high-impulse applications like construction, mining, and industrial equipment. A limited number of free sample kits are available to demonstrate flexibility. Offered with four- and six-spiral wire construction, it is operable at temperatures from -40°C to +121°C.  with no fluid leakage between hose and fitting when the machine shuts down and the system cools.

Spiral Hydraulic Hose Targets High Pressure Apps

Kurt Hydraulics' Tuff Spiral Flex Hydraulic Hose

Kurt Hydraulics will be showing off its Tuff Spiral flex hydraulic hose at IFPE Booth S81348. The hose is engineered for high-pressure hydraulic applications up to 6,235 psi. Designed for applications with minimal space, it provides bend capacity of 8 ¼ to 9½ in., depending on the hose diameter selected. It comes in diameters of ¾, 1, and 1¼-in. ID,. Reinforced internally with four spiral layers of high-tensile steel wire braid, the hose has a durable oil, ozone, and abrasion- resistant synthetic outer cover. Impulse tested for up to 1 million cycles, it withstands temperatures from –40 to 250ÅãF and meets flame-resistant MSHA designation.

Hydraulic Hoses Are Flexible, Easy to Handle

At Booth S82301Diesse Rubber Hoses SpA presents its X FIGHT 500-7250 PSI and X FIGHT 4000-5000-6000 PSI hoses. These are homologated over 1 million cycles for better performance across heavy-duty applications. Their low bend radius makes them extremely flexible and easy to handle during assembling. Products also include a complete range of BOP hoses that are homologated according to LLR and API 16D specification. WATER WAVE â…œ-in. and ½-in. is also available for industrial cleaning.

 Flame-Resistant â€‹Spiral Hydraulic Hose

Kuriyama's Alfogomma Flexor spiral hydraulic hose

Kuriyama of America Inc. will be at IFPE Booth S82829. Its Alfogomma Flexor spiral hydraulic hoses are available in sizes from ¼ to 2 in. Four-wire -12 is rated for maximum working pressures from 17.5 to 28 MPa (2,500 to 4,000 psi) and minimum bend radius of 5 to 25 in. (127 to 635 mm). Four-wire 4SP is rated for pressures of 28 to 45 MPa (4,000 to 6,550) psi, with minimum bend radius 6 to 13.5 in. (150 to 340 mm). Four-wire 4SH is rated for maximum working pressure of 25 to 42 MPa (3,650 to 6,000 psi), with minimum bend radius of 11 to 27.5 in. (280 to 700 mm). Four- or six-wire -13 is rated for maximum working pressures of 35 MPa (5000 psi) and minimum bend radius of 9.5 to 25 in. (240 to 635 mm). All meet flame resistance acceptance designation.

Durable Hose and Cable Wrap

At IFPE Booth S-83734Tompkins Industries Inc. will showcase its ProWrap extreme-duty hose/cable wrap. It comes in red, yellow, blue, and black, and does not require shutdown for installation. Loose hoses and cables can be bundled into one neat and orderly line. Bundled hoses may exit at any point. Tight grip prevents sliding and leapfrogging. It extends hose life and fits 14 to 11-in. bundles.

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