Return-line hose snakes its way to pumps

Return-line hose snakes its way to pumps

With a temperature rating to 250° F, Parker’s highly flexible 7219 E-Z Form MP hose can now be used for low-pressure hydraulic service, such as suction and return lines.

A big challenge to designing mobile equipment is finding a place to put all the hydraulic components. Locating cylinders is pretty straightforward, and valves and pumps need to be placed where they are accessible. But reservoirs are often placed anywhere on a machine that has a large enough void. This complicates routing of return lines because standard hydraulic hose may lack the flexibility to bend around obstacles.

Parker Hannifin’s Industrial Hose Div., Wickliffe, Ohio, offers a solution with its 7219 E-Z Form MP hose. Construction of the hose was recently upgraded with a higher grade, higher temperature nitrile tube, which tolerates prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 250° F (121° C). This makes the hose well suited for suction in return lines in mining, construction, and similar applications.

Greek-corrugated design of the 7219 E-Z Form MP hose makes it highly flexible and kink resistant. This allows it to be routed through confined areas where formed hose would otherwise be required. Parker’s permanent crimp couplings can be used as end fittings for leak-free, flexible service.

In addition to the nitrile tube, Series 7219 E-Z Form hose features textile plies of reinforcement, a helical wire and a Greek-corrugated chloroprene cover. The high-temperature version is available in ½, ⅝, ¾ and 1 in. sizes.

For more information, call Parker’s Industrial Hose Products Div. at (866) 810-4673, or visit

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