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Motion Industries Releases “How2” Instruction Video on Hydraulic Hose

Motion Industries Releases “How2” Instruction Video on Hydraulic Hose

Motion Industries has added an instructional video in their “MiHow2” Series of free product/application solutions. Gates Corp., hose and power-transmission belt manufacturers, partnered with Motion Industries to film, “How to Select the Correct Hose Using the STAMPED Process,” which can be viewed here. STAMPED is an acronym for Size, Temperature, Application, Materials, Pressure, Ends, Delivery.  The Series’ goal is to discuss practical industrial applications that viewers can bring to their own work.

All MiHow2 videos were filmed in a workshop setting with the Motion Industries' host and a guest from an industrial manufacturer demonstrating a product or application. The Series can be seen on Facebook or Motion Industries YouTube channel here.

Other MiHow2 videos cover the following topics:

·         How to Set a Pressure Reducing Valve in a Hydraulic System

·         Steps Necessary to Effectively Set Up a Hydraulic Sequencing Circuit

·         How to Set a Pressure Compensated Pump and Relief Valve

·         Hydraulics Lab: Flow Control — Bleed Off

·         Hydraulics Lab: Flow Control — Meter In

·         Hydraulics Lab: Sequence Circuit

·         Hydraulics Lab 1 — Cylinder Circuit

·         Hydraulics Lab 2 — Install a Remote Relief Valve

·         Hydraulics Lab 3 — Motor Circuit

Motion Industries is a distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) replacement parts. They have more than 560 operations, including 15 distribution centers throughout North America. For more information, call (800) 526-9328 or visit

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